Friday, May 23, 2014

Memorial Day means FIGHTING for Our FREEDOM!

Previously on my blog I wrote an entry as a tribute to the Soldiers of World War II, and it was a tribute that was well-deserved, because those soldiers went through hell to keep the worst dictator in human history up until that time from enslaving the entire world, which he may or may not have done, but he was certainly trying.

In this entry I want to address the subject of Memorial Day, what it really means and where we go from here.

Memorial Day, without getting into all the dry specifics of it, which you can find easily enough if you run a search on this day and then click on the link under the Wikipedia entry, is a time to not only observe and remember those who have served in this nation in the different branches of the United States Armed Forces, but who have given their lives in service to this country and its people. Whether these soldiers served and died during World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War, Iraq or Afghanistan Wars, or any other time even before these dates, we take the time during this day and even this entire weekend to remember them, pay our respects for them, and pray that no more soldiers will ever have to die as these have in service not only to their country, but to the world around them in order to keep it free from tyranny and fear.

Unfortunately that is not a prayer that will easily be seen come to fruition. As we watch the war in Afghanistan come to a close and our soldiers brought home (if the current regime in the White House is to be believed in their promises), already forces are uniting from many sources and directions to form an army of foreigners who are not and never have been American citizens to enlist and serve for no other purpose than to fight against true Americans when the man in the White House and all those who are united with him in his treasonous intentions declare martial law and begin forcing True Americans to submit or be killed.

What is happening today in this once great nation is an atrocity and even worse, it is a slap in the face to every soldier who has ever lived and served in any branch of the US military. It is a declaration of war against the memory of each and every fallen soldier who has bravely fought for the cause of freedom and liberty, and for that We the People living today within the boundaries of the United States of America MUST rise up and declare we will NOT concede to the inane and traitorous babblings of the pretender in the White House. We will NOT cease speaking out against tyranny in EVERY form, whether it be foreign or domestic. We will NOT lay down our weapons and become obedient sheep being led to the slaughter. We will NOT defy the desires of our Founding Fathers who fought to bring about this nation born from the hardships of attaining liberty and freedom for all, of our fore-fathers who fought and died in many wars and battles to keep this nation the last strong bastion of and for freedom throughout this world. If we, like so many others today, give up our rights and freedoms and lay down our weapons we have not only dishonored those who fought so bravely and earnestly for this nation, but we have betrayed our children, to whom we promised a better world simply by giving birth to them and allowing them to enter into this world, in this nation of their birth.

On this Memorial Day weekend, We the People MUST declare openly, proudly and loudly, that we will FIGHT to the DEATH in order to continue to have the RIGHT to observe days such as this, for without our continued Civil Disobedience even leading up to and including outright and open REVOLUTION this nation is sure to fall and those who fought and died in days past will have been proven to be fools for giving their lives for something which this generation was not willing to do in turn.

Rise up, Americans. Rise up and declare your intention to FIGHT for the FREEDOM which your fathers, and grandfathers, uncles, brothers, sons, daughters, mothers and all others have given their lives to obtain and retain. Do not sit on your asses and merely click your mouse over a "like" button, but get up onto your feet and DEMAND the pretender in the White House, Barack Obama, step down from office and that Congress wipe from the books each and every false law this traitor penned and placed into "law".

If Congress will not heed the demands of We the People, then we MUST be prepared to FIGHT!

Honor those past who died for America this Memorial Day by standing up physically and demanding FREEDOM!

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