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Band of Brothers - A Tribute to the American Soldiers of WWII

Names of E Company fallen on the monument in Foy, Belgium
The following has nothing to do with science fiction or fantasy, nor even fiction of any kind, but is something I felt I needed to write about and share with others.

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A few minutes ago I finished watching the tenth episode in an HBO miniseries that aired back in 2001. Until a few days ago I had never seen that show before, although I had heard the name of it mentioned a few times over the years. That show was Band of Brothers. If you have never seen this mini-series or even heard of it, it was based upon the service of "Easy" Company, part of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division. This show carried on from jump-training for this company all the way through to VJ Day, the surrender of Japan to America, and tells the story of these brave men who served their nation and fellow human beings during the last authentic war America has ever been involved in.

That last line will be argued by some, but for those old enough to know what has ensued within the politics of American government since the end of World War II, there is no disputing the fact that each and every war since then has been one strictly of politics and not of necessity to keep this world free from fascist oppression.

The authenticity of these wars, however, is not my reason in writing this entry; it is the fact that in watching this ten-part series I was left with a deep sensation of having been more than a simple observer during the conflicts of this war; I ended each episode with a sensation that grew stronger with each new episode of having actually been a part of "Easy" Company and having known each of the men who served within this unit intimately as friends. My congratulations to Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks for having ensured this strength of feeling would be experienced from this retelling of so great a company of soldiers.

Having grown up in a culture where war movies and those centering around WWII were numerous, I can honestly say that none before this show came as close to allowing me to experience the ravages of war, the brutality of conflict, the senselessness of man-killing-man as has Band of Brothers, though Saving Private Ryan came extremely close, most likely because it, too was produced by Spielberg and Hanks.

My heart went out to those men who served in "Easy" Company and especially those who died throughout the many conflicts of battle they were sent into. My soul wept with each new death and indeed, at the very ending of the tenth episode, tears fell from my eyes and ran down my cheeks as they never have for any other movie of any kind. Why? Because this was reality, so much more so than all the "reality TV shows" combined; this was life and death; this was bonds forged between men through the worst of human conditions and the loss of friends who gave their lives so that others may live free.

I salute those men of "Easy" Company and all the rest of the soldiers from every branch of not only the US Military, but from all the services of all the Allied Nations during World War II, for they were brave men who did what was needed and most did not wait to be drafted, but enlisted voluntarily, knowing there was little chance that they would return home to those they loved. Were it only so that politicians would learn from accounts such as this that men ought not to be made to war one against another we would be a happy people living upon this earth, but as long as there is greed within the hearts of those who would conquer all others and make them as servants and slaves, then the necessity will be laid upon the rest of us, and I hope we all heed that call, to serve as did the men of "Easy" Company in World War II.

A list of the names of all who served in "Easy" Company can be located on this page.

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  1. Great post, dead on and great writing. Just thinking about that show breaks my heart and inspires me at the same time


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