Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Ever since this world began someone has been trying to better himself by enslaving others. Search all throughout history and you will see this sad story played out time after time after time. Here in America we thought we had finally eradicated slavery when the North and South went to war one American against another over enslaving “colored people,” as they were called back in the 1860s and are now called by the term “African Americans,” because their ancestors derived mostly from the continent of Africa. And yet we found that the same bigotry against these same people persisted in a slightly lesser form of discrimination throughout many states of the Union that caused people of the African descent to be treated as less than second-class citizens until leaders such as Martin Luther King, Jr. rose up to put a stop to it and brought into being the Civil Rights Act of the 1960s.

The truth is, however, that bigotry is far from being eradicated in the United States of America, as can easily be discovered by perusing the municipal codes of nearly any city within these United States to see which minority is currently being targeted by the so-called “laws” governing the cities within which we live. This minority, the one that has existed far longer than any other within history, began at the beginning of history with the advent of the first human being and transcends racial and gender lines. Whether you believe in the story of Creation as told within the pages of the Bible or you believe that humanity evolved from a single celled organism that somehow managed to replicate itself and grow and change until millions and billions of years later what we have now as human beings appeared on the scene to dominate all other species on this planet, either way this species known as Homo Sapiens is each born completely nude and remains that way throughout each individual’s life until after death when the carcass naturally rots and disintegrates into its final molecules. It is this minority, the one that embodies this most natural of existence, this primal state of being that we all are born into, that is being targeted by lawmakers and governing bodies today.

Without provocation, for this group, these Naturist Americans, as they are known, since they eschew the values, the essence of living as they were intended from birth, as proven by the fact of their birth, have certainly done nothing to provoke the laws that have been made to prohibit their most natural way of life, cities, counties, and even many states across the USA have enacted laws under such titles as “Lewd Acts,” or “Indecent Exposure,” and yet there is nothing “lewd” or “indecent” about simple nudity or the human body in its natural nude form, and yet these law makers continue to enact laws that make criminals out of these most innocent of all people. For the simple act of walking outside to check one’s mail or dispose of the garbage a Naturist American can be arrested if someone views the male penis or the female nipple. Never mind the fact that as recently as February 22, 2017, it was reported that U.S. District Court Judge R. Brooke Jackson ruled in a case involving discrimination concerning women not being able to go topless in Fort Collins, Colorado due to a law stating such, while men are perfectly able to do so under the law, that women now have the same equality to be topless anyplace men are if they so choose. This is now the law in Fort Collins, CO and it needs to be the law in every city.

However we cannot stop at simply freeing the nipple. As noble a cause as that is – and I applaud those who fight for this equality among our sisters that is long overdue – we must fight even harder for our equality in being publicly nude with our entire bodies, for that is the ultimate equality of the body for all of us, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, or anything else you might choose with which to label yourself. As a Naturist American being free to live your life as you were born is the first and foremost, the most singularly most vitally important aspect of equality that we must all fight for and insist upon from the governing bodies that make and uphold the laws under which we live our daily lives. From the city councils to the county councils to each individual state legislature all the way to the United States Congress, we must push this agenda until we have the ear of every politician involved who can affect such change.

We who are Naturist Americans have been silent long enough and we see where it has gotten us! Like sheep being led to the slaughter we have been penned up awaiting our turn to be sheered and slaughtered. Will you sit quietly until it is your turn or will you stand up and make your voice heard? End this onslaught of discrimination. Speak to your city councils about the laws in YOUR city. Tell them what is wrong and ask them to change the laws so that simple public nudity is no longer a crime. Stop the outrage against Naturist Americans! Stop the discrimination against YOU! Every day these laws remain on the books in YOUR city is another day your city deliberately laughs in YOUR face and tells you that YOU are not worthy of being a valid citizen of the city they have been elected to serve. Are you going to stand for that? That is baseless bigotry and it is against the law. It is a violation of YOUR Constitutional and Civil Rights. The 1st Amendment guarantees you the right to make your voice heard. The 14th Amendment guarantees the right of equality to every citizen of the United States. Where is YOUR equality when you cannot walk down the street of your neighborhood the same as everyone else in the manner in which you were born, the manner in which you have the right to exist by right of natural birth? If you get arrested for simply existing, then those laws are in violation of your right to equality and your right to freedom of expression of your equality.

The first step is to research the laws in your city and know what it is your city enslaves you with. Find out what they are using to discriminate against you with. Go to the city council meeting. Tell them how much this means to you and how much it offends you and why it offends you. Tell them how to change this law. Ask them to change this law so it no longer discriminates against Naturist Americans like you. Thank them for listening and then leave it in their hands. Then return at the next meeting and ask them if they have acted on your request to change those laws. Keep fighting until these laws are changed! We must keep placing these laws before the law makers until they have no choice but to do as we ask or be taken to court as was this law in Fort Collins! We cannot back down! If we pause for even a minute the enemy will sense our weakness and we will lose! Push the fight! Keep moving forward! Push even harder until these laws have ALL been eradicated!

American Naturists are under attack. You are under attack. I am under attack. Every one of us is under attack and our bodies are being forced to be hidden beneath coverings we do not want over them. Let the enemy know we will take them to court if they do not change these laws.

Fight and never give up.
Sign our petition to Legalize Body Freedom at: https://tinyurl.com/yajam8l5

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  1. Discriminating against millions of Americans because you are uncomfortable with the human body is just wrong. It's still discrimination. America, please stand up for equal rights for everyone to live their life as they please, and that does include those who choose Live without clothing part-time or full-time. You are only uncomfortable with the sight of a naked human body in public because of social and media conditioning.

    The only time you see nudity in the media it is portayed in a sexual manner, or a perverted manner which is why you feel the way you do. Think about it, and use your intelligence and you will realize that it is harming no one. But forcing us to wear clothing is just wrong. Thank you


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