Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Now Enlisting Soldiers

As you know I’ve been writing a lot lately about Legalizing Body Acceptance and that’s because as a card carrying naturist, literally, since I belong to both TNS and AANR, I have felt the majority of my adult life that my life would be so much worse off if I had to wear clothes all the time. Fortunately I don’t, but I know so many people who do, yet feel the same as do I. I empathize with them greatly, and that’s why I am such a strong activist and advocate for Body Freedom.

This coming Tuesday evening I will be attending the first of several city council meetings in an attempt to convince these city councils to change the laws currently on their books concerning “lewd conduct” or “indecent exposure,” whichever each city has chosen to label such actions as appearing in public nude, as well as several other things, that, quite frankly I agree should be illegal. But merely appearing in public should not. This is because simply being nude is not an action, it is a state of BEING. That’s right. Each and every human being on this planet was born nude and so every second of every day ever since each of us has been alive we exist in a state of being as the nude person that we are. If we choose to make a decision to wear articles of clothing, then we choose to cover up our nude bodies, but underneath those clothes we still exist as that nude person we have always been ever since the day we were born. That person came into existence from the moment we exited the womb and will not cease to exist as a vibrant, living NUDE being until the very last breath exits our lungs and the last bit of energy vacates our brain cells. Until then we ARE that same nude being that slid so gloriously from between our mother’s legs (unless you were born C-section, but still…), and if we walk outside of our homes and go out into the cities and towns where we live as our natural state of being we are simply BEING who we were BORN to BE.

Nothing else.
There is no criminal intent.
There is no lewd conduct.
There is no indecent exposure.
Can a tree be indecent because its bark and leaves are bare and open for all to see?
Can a dolphin, as it leaps up from the ocean be enacting lewd conduct as it spins about, attempting to thrill the audience applauding its actions?

Then why is it that a human being who simply walks down the street of his or her neighborhood, or steps out of a vehicle at a gas station to fill the tank, or walks into a grocery store to purchase food, is viewed as lewd or indecent? Why is it that someone will call the police and have that person arrested and that in some states a conviction for that “crime” will result in being labeled as a sexual deviant for the rest of that person’s life, just the same as if he or she was a rapist or child molester?

These are the reasons why these laws must be struck down. Why they have to be deleted from the books, so that law abiding citizens who would never think about breaking any laws are not labeled as criminals, not branded as sex offenders, having their reputations and lives ruined simply because they followed their innermost natural desire to be who they were born to be.

We need soldiers, people. We need fighters who will take this cause to city council meetings just the same as I am doing, and if nothing else, print out this blog and read it out loud at those meetings. Make those council members realize that these people are not criminals. They are not sex offenders. All they are is people who are being true to themselves and nothing else. In this world we praise people for all kinds of things, but when we see someone like these who are being the most true to themselves that any person ever could be we throw them in jail and slap a label on them that stigmatizes them in the most horrible fashion for the rest of their lives.

Are there child molesters or rapists who like to go about naked on the streets? Quite possibly so, it’s hard to tell. There are sexual deviants in every culture and in every place you can imagine. The thing about these deviants is, however, that they always give themselves away. Always. The problem with their – well – problem, is that it is so strong within them that they can never keep it hidden for very long before they say or do something that makes it known to those around them, and so before long others begin to realize there is something wrong about these people. And they get weeded out. Just as their type should.

But as for the rest, those who are merely being true to who they are and BEING nude, they deserve to be applauded the most above all others. They truly know what it is to be true to oneself. “What’s the old saying? “To thine own self be true”. So why do we then punish people for doing so?

We are not asking anyone to take a bullet or sword in the chest. All we ask is that you confront your city or county councils and ask them to change the laws on lewd conduct and indecent exposure. Leave in all the rest, but remove the parts that make criminals out of those simply appearing nude in public. That’s all we ask.

And as a reward ahead of time, enjoy these first four cartoons of a new comic strip about a family of nudists that moves to a newly formed clothing optional community, something I have termed C.O.F.F.E.E. Communities, C.O.F.F.E.E. standing for Clothing Optional Freedom Friendly Equality Environments. Yeah, it might be a bit of a squeeze, but I like coffee and had to figure out something to fit as an acronym, all right? Anyway, I hope you enjoy Nekkid Niki and his family and friends as much as I have in drawing and writing them, and as I draw more I’ll include them here in my new blog posts:
Remember you can write to me for more information on how to enlist and what to do at:


  1. The whole notion that humans are inherently "indecent" or "obscene" for simply being seen on the street is horrifically insulting and offensive to normal decent men and women.

    Laws have to have a compelling purpose, a compelling public interest to justify interfering with someone's right to free choice. A compelling public interest is to prevent economic or physical harm to other people. Seeing another member of one's own species has never been harmful or hurtful to anyone. Someone's butthurt is not a compelling public interest. There is no legitimate public interest in prohibiting visual observation of human beings in public places. No harm done to anyone. No excuse whatever for taking away human rights.

    1. You're so right, Bob. That's exactly part of the argument I'll be making when I go before the City Council in the city I live in this coming Tuesday evening to try and encourage them to change the "lewd conduct" laws on the books.


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