Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Changing Hypocrisy of Liberalism

The Changing Hypocrisy of Liberalism

Most of us who have been paying attention know that liberalism infiltrated Hollywood decades back and has been using its resources to permeate films and television shows with whatever liberalism decided was the main indoctrination point of the day. Far too often the described issues, little better than Communistic propaganda in most instances, was introduced under the auspices of the United States Government in order to promote agendas that were in line with what Uncle Sam wanted his "family members" to believe.

Even the seemingly most innocent of films and shows far too often are infused with hidden subject matter lying just beneath the surface and promote such matters as "it takes a village to raise a child," meaning that the government knows better what is necessary for raising our children than the parents themselves. Certainly with Hollywood promulgating adultery and avant-garde sexuality that aided in bringing down the traditional family unit and replacing it with one-parent families, most often without fathers in the home so children received a balanced upbringing from both genders, our culture went through a dramatic transformation that set our children up not only to fail, but to accept Uncle Sam as the main provider through such programs as welfare, underprivileged housing developments, and further divisions of racial cultures in order to draw ever-widening groups of families into the government's clutches over several generations.

As more of our society drew back from social interaction (I refer to real interaction of a physical nature, not media-interaction through the online "cultures" we utilized most today) with others television claimed more of our time every year and thus TV shows were the chosen method for indoctrinating the American society even more than movies. Dramas, especially police dramas,  drew in the biggest audiences, so series such as "Law & Order" became the most often used lines through which political propaganda flowed.

However, if you look closely at the older episodes of these shows you will see that what liberalism claimed as politically correct twenty years ago too often clashes with the PC message of today. For instance, in Law & Order season 8, episode 10, titled "Ritual", you will find the following storyline description:

"An Egyptian man is murdered because he had hired an Egyptian doctor to perform a female circumcision on the man's niece. A.D.A.s McCoy and Ross have to deal with a clash between cultural convictions and the law."

This episode aired December 17, 1997, and the main message underlying the episode was that regardless of cultural or religious beliefs, the government was far better equipped to decide what was right for our children than the parents. To be fair, the subject matter was such that any rational, intelligent, and moral human being would be appalled at the thought of young girl's having their clitorises mutilated simply because Muslim culture and religious practices believed it was the best way to keep females pure so they would not seek sexual intercourse before and outside of marriage. Naturally the point was well made and even the A.D.A. who was assigned to try the case disliked having to bring charges against the father who murdered the Egyptian Muslim doctor who entered into America for the sole purpose of mutilating his young daughter against his will, but in-line with the desires of the girl's Muslim grandmother ad mother.

The solution to this dilemma? The father who committed the murder accepted a lesser plea that would send him to prison for a shorter period of time as long as he was guaranteed that his wife, who was complicit in the mutilation of their daughter and had been forced to undergo the same procedure when she was only eight years old, would not have custody of their daughter. Who was this girl to live with while her father served his prison term if the mother was forbidden to raise her? The paternal grandparents, who would consent to the restrictions placed upon this girl's upbringing by the State, meaning that the mother would be able to visit her own daughter only under strict supervision. Such a solution sounds like a happy and pleasant one, as long as you have partaken of the Kool-Aid liberally laced with the poison of liberalism.

Such messages were rampant throughout the nineties in many television shows and were effective in re-educating Americans to accept Big Brother as the primary authority in raising American children. However, when you look at these same shows in light of the political correctness of today you find that the inherent messages are made through processes that would not be allowed in modern day TV. Now we are being told that accepting the Muslim way of life into our culture is a good thing and that Sharia Law is more moral and ethical than American laws and culture, even though history and even modern practice of this outdated and barbaric set of rules proves time and again that it is Sharia Law that needs to be exterminated from every society on the face of the Earth. The aforementioned television episode of Law & Order proved this point without any doubt!

Liberalism is ever-changing as it marches across the world, attempting to stomp out every truly moral and ethical practice that gets in its way, but the changes it undergoes are always conflicting with its previous messages. This is why it is incumbent upon all truly moral and ethical people to look back upon these past messages in order to recognize how liberalism has changed and how it currently promotes what it once decried. Do you want to know what is next to be pushed upon our society as PC? Look at what was previously demonized and you will have your answer. Americans must open their minds to see so they are no longer fooled by Uncle Same and Hollywood and cease being spoon-fed whatever flavor of political correctness the government, through the vehicle of Hollywood, decides is best at the moment.

Open your eyes, America. It's time to take back our country!

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